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How Humid Should You Keep Your Home? Calgary & Edmonton Edition

Like many people, you most likely have a preferred temperature for your home. You find that magic number where your home feels most comfortable, and for the most part, you keep it there. But have you ever considered the humidity level in your home? Is there a magic number for humidity, or should you just … READ MORE

Three Big Benefits of a Humidifier

Alongside the many negative factors of winter comes low humidity. As humans, we require a certain level of humidity to be comfortable. A lack of humidity can dry out our skin and mucous membranes, leading to a variety of different health effects. Low humidity can also have its toll on our homes by drying out … READ MORE

Two Innovations in HVAC That Are Redefining Our Industry

he digital wave of performance, convenience, and cost savings that is redefining many aspects of our lives is also taking the HVAC industry along for the ride. While what we do (as HVAC professionals) more or less comes down to how we circulate heated or cooled air throughout our customer’s homes, how we do those … READ MORE

The Basics of Pilot Lights in Your Home Heating Appliances

Pilot lights are used as an ignition source for your furnace. They are a small gas flame of either natural gas or petroleum gas. Originally, pilot lights were kept on permanently. However, it is now more common to light a burner with electrical methods- this method is popular in modern furnaces for both efficiency and … READ MORE

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24/7 Emergency Availability